Night_With_A_Nurse // Sex Story

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Its a shivering cold and my mom is in high fever as well as feeling cold. So I took her to a nearby private nursing home. Lousie is now waiting for doctor, who is looking other patient. Later on doctor checked her and advised for some test as well as admitted her for at least 24 hours to look after her health condition. Now mom, my younger sister Nina as well as me is in the special ward with a single room. After an hour, Nina left for home and I will live here for night..

Its 09:15 pm and doctor checked her again. She is on bed with a blanket on her body. Now a nurse came there and ask me to leave room for a while. I left the room for some time and nurse came out….. “Now you can go inside, I am Jenny, if you need my assistance you can knock that door. ” She walked away to her room and I can see her round shaped ass in mini skirt swinging. Her legs are in stockings and I have seen her thighs also, when she has bent infront of my mom to check her b.p or inject her. After an hour I am in my bermuda in my room and mom has slept, so I am on my bed going to sleep but some one is knocking the door and I opened it, its Jenny, looking at me she asked… “Need any assistance for patient or yourself
(Garry smiled) yes how can you assist me
(Jenny) ok come in my room after some time. ” And she walked away. Its 10:55 pm and I moved to her room. She opened the door with smile on face and I frisked inside..

Jenny is in her mid twenties and looking at me she asked… “Garry explain your need and I will fulfill it
(Garry) need a blow job and want to see you nude. ” And she hold me tightly in her arms, now she is pressing her boobs on my chest as well as my hand has lifted her skirt. She is kissing my lips and face while my hand has pulled down her G string panty. She has pushed her tongue in my mouth to suck while I pushed my long finger in her vagina to fuck it. She is a hot blonde and took out her tongue while I am fingering her cunt, she removed my pant to love it. Jenny is on her legs and she is rubbing my glans on her face as well as lips. Slowly she pushed my long cock in her mouth to suck and she is sucking my penis like a whore. I am standing on ground and Jenny took out my wet prick and her tongue is rolling on my penis while her finger is in my pubic hairs. Jenny took my cock again and while holding her hairs, I am fucking her mouth fastly. Later on she left my cock..

Jenny is standing and I knelt down to love her cunt. Now my lips are kissing her labias while her glory hole is tight. Now I can smell its odour and put my tongue in her cunt to lick it. She is screaming in joy while my tongue is fucking her cunt fastly. I can see her legs shivering and later on I took her vagina in my mouth to suck. She is screaming in joy….. “Oohhh aashh uummm I will cum suck it. ” And her vaginal juice is in my mouth and I got the taste of it. Now we both are sitting on bed and she hold my dick tightly, she is masturbating it fastly and my hand is pressing her breasts hardly. After 5 minutes of masturbation, I screamed….. “Oohhh jenny it will cum. ” And penis cummed. Her hand is full of cum and I put my bermuda to leave her room after paying her 5000RS. For fun.

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